Dive Shark Bay

A once in a lifetime experience - Dive at the Westernmost point of Australia

Tour Details

Your day will start at 7:45am at Denham jetty, where you’ll board our comfortable dive boat, Woomerangee.  It will take us around 1.5 hours to reach our destination. To keep you interested on route, our experienced skipper and dive guides will offer you a marine life or maritime history briefing on the local area. The tour includes two dives as well as a delicious lunch at one of our favourite snorkeling spots. Our dives are for maximum dive time of 50 minutes or 50 bar and the dive sites are have a maximum depth of 18-20m, so are suitable for Open Water divers. The water temperature at Steep Point varies between 20-22 C and you can see sharks, rays, turtles, beautiful hard and soft corals, caves and more. We’ll have you back in Denham by 4pm.


Why choose us?

As the only PADI dive centre in Shark Bay we pride ourselves on our level of service. We cater for small groups of divers going to some of the most untouched reefs in Australia. Our guarantee is that there will never be more than 10 divers on the boat!

All tours are subject to weather conditions and minimum numbers of four. Diving and snorkeling spots will be chosen by the crew subject to weather conditions.


$275 - Two dives (with tanks and weights)

$30 - SCUBA gear hire

$175 - Snorkelers / Observers

$395 - Discover SCUBA Diving (currently unavailable)


Dive Steep Point

To scuba dive in Shark Bay means experiencing the “Wild West”. Steep Point is world renowned as a fishing location but the surrounding World Heritage listed marine park is one of the undiscovered jewels of the diving world.

What can you see?

Our full day tours visit areas populated by species including Queensland grouper, turtles, crayfish, cuttlefish, stingrays, mackerel, trevally and of course SHARKS! And when we say SHARKS we mean Grey nurse, Tawny nurse, Sandbar whalers, Dusky whalers, Wobbegongs, Tiger Sharks and even Whalesharks. All of these species can be seen while diving here! Humpback whales, dolphins and dugongs are also residents of this area depending on the time of year. Ancient tectonic activity has created huge underwater caverns encrusted in stunning soft corals. Worth travelling to the edge of Australia for!

Diving Seasons
Diver and Frog Fish at Steep Point
Diver and Sting Ray at Steep Point
Manta Dive at Steep Point Shark Bay
Cuttlefish Dive at Steep Point
Grey Nurse at Steep Point
Whaleshark diving at Steep Point

Dive Dirk Hartog Island

If the swell is too big to dive at Steep Point, we also offer the chance to dive at one of the most historic sites in Western Australia, Dirk Hartog Island. On 25 October 1616 Captain Dirk Hartog landed at what is now known as Cape Inscription. This was the earliest recorded landing of European explorers in WA.

What can you see?

Dirk Hartog Island is now a national park and has several marine sanctuary zones in surrounding waters. With little human interaction, this place is one of Shark Bay’s best-known secrets, and notoriously one of the hardest to reach! The shallow turquoise waters surrounding Sandy Point Sanctuary Zone and Louisa Bay are full of pristine coral gardens brimming with marine life both big and small. We have dive sites for all levels of experience that are accessible in almost all weather conditions. 

Coral on Dive at Dirk Hartog Island