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Diving with Mantas and Sea Lions!

It has been a big challenge getting Shark Bay diving on the map. Diving Ningaloo and snorkeling with whale sharks is known around world. Here in Shark Bay we want people to realise that just down the road from Ningaloo you have another world heritage listed marine park and world class diving. In fact we’re having a bit of a hot streak here diving with mantas.

In fact over 70% of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is marine and many of the reasons for Shark Bay’s World Heritage listing are within these waters. The shallow and mostly protected bays host over 10,000 dugongs; the world’s largest seagrass beds; and representatives of the earth’s oldest lifeforms, stromatolites.

But for divers and snorkelers our full day tours visit areas populated by species including Queensland grouper, turtles, crayfish, cuttlefish, stingrays, mackerel, trevally and of course SHARKS! Ancient tectonic activity has created huge underwater caverns encrusted in stunning soft corals. Worth travelling to the edge of Australia for!

Don’t believe us – check out some of the footage from our latest trip where we encountered manta rays, 3 species of shark, Queensland grouper, sea snakes, turtles and to top it all off a cheeky sea lion came to say hello at the end of the dive!!!

Why not visit the Dive Tours page to find out more.or read Australia.com’s latest article on Shark Bay diving here.

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