Marine Safaris

Shark Bay is an untouched wilderness teeming with wildlife and stunning natural beauty.

Tour Details

Your day will start at 7:45am at Denham jetty, where you’ll board our comfortable boat, Woomerangee.  It will take us around 1.5 hours to reach our destination but to keep you interested on route, our experienced skipper and guides will offer you a marine life or maritime history briefing on the local area so you’ll learn as you cruise. Marine Safaris include viewing Steep Point, the Zuytdorp Cliffs, walking on Dirk Hartog Island as well as visiting 2 of our favourite snorkeling spots. We also do our best to spot the big 5 - dolphins, turtles, sharks, rays and dugongs. Scuba divers can also complete 1 dive in the morning. All food, drinks and dive/snorkeling gear is provided. We’ll have you back in Denham by 4pm.


Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on our level of service, catering for small groups of people going to some of the remote and pristine areas in Australia.

All tours are subject to weather conditions and minimum numbers of four. Snorkeling spots will be chosen by the crew subject to weather conditions.


$249 - Adults

$199 - Children (4-16 years old)

What can I see?

Join us for a full day Marine Safari in beautiful Shark Bay. As we cruise to the westernmost point of Australia, Steep Point we’ll be spotting wildlife all the way. You may see dolphins, dugongs, rays, turtles, sharks and if you’re here between July and October, you can also witness the amazing Humpback Whale migration.


Diving Seasons
Humpback Whale at Steep Point
Dugong in Shark Bay
Turtle on Marine Safari Steep Point

You’ll view the stunning beauty of Shelter Bay, take in the Zuytdorp Cliffs, see Steep Point and even set foot on Dirk Hartog Island. We’ll also get you in the water for a snorkel at a picturesque spot over lunch. Our skipper and guides are full of knowledge about the area and to make your journey even more enjoyable. You’ll receive a marine life briefing on the local wildlife and a maritime history briefing.


Briefing on About Shark Bay on Marine Safari
Snorkelling at Kel's in Rock Shelter BaySnorkelling at Kel's Rock Shelter Bay on Marine Safari in Shark Bay WA
Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island from the air