Shark Bay Ocean Rescue

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Steep Point is the westernmost point of Australia’s mainland and one of the most iconic locations in WA. It brings thousands of visitors to Shark Bay every year to go fishing from the cliffs and is also one of our favourite dive sites. It is here that you can see the best and the worst of our World Heritage Listed Marine Park. Stunning wildlife amongst a web of fishing line and litter!

Shark Bay Dive conducted an underwater clean-up of Steep Point on 23 July 2017. This activity was inspired by Project AWARE (#DiveAgainstDebris), Sky Ocean Rescue (#OceanRescue), Plastic Free July and Shark Bay’s War on Waste (#WarOnWaste). We donated our boat, time and fuel but asked for help from the local community. We were blown away by the support we received from both individuals and local businesses. Shark Bay’s sense of community and passion for the environment was displayed in abundance.

In terms of the day it was a huge success. As pictures speak louder than words we'll let them tell the story.

Ocean Rescue Steep Point Soup
Picking up soup from Pam in Shelter Bay
Ocean Rescue Briefing
Ocean Rescue Dive Briefing
Ocean Rescue Dive Boat
Ocean Rescue Dive Boat Woomerangee

Highlights of the mission

  • 230kg of fishing line, lures, sinkers and other assorted waste recovered. Including one car battery, a deck chair and a tent!
  • That's over 20kg per diver!
  • 40kg of lead sinkers that will be melted down and recycled into dive weights!
  • 20 litres of chicken soup consumed - thanks Pam!
  • One boat in distress rescued from South Passage and towed to Shelter Bay for repairs. We're still waiting for our thank you beer BTW!
  • Waste dumped at the tip for free thanks to the Shire of Shark Bay!
Ocean Rescue Fishing Line
Sharon with a web of fishing line
Ocean Rescue Southy Car Battery
Southy even found a car battery
Ocean Rescue Plastic
Joey with rod holders, sinkers and line

We would like to thank everyone involved in making the #OceanRescue a success. So thank you to:

  • Our dive team: Emma Craig, John Craig, Mason Sullivan, Joey Yorke, Amelia Keynes, Tiahna McKernan, Dean Whitehead, Sharon Drabsch, Glenn South, Molly McAuliffe and Bryan Botha.
  • Our skippers and deck hands: Ed Fenny, Oscar "Tron" and Lesh Gilchrist.
  • The businesses and organisations that contributed: Ocean Park, Shark Bay Hotel (The Old Pub), Steep Point Ranger, Shire of Shark Bay, Australia'a Coral Coast and the Gascoyne Tourism Board.
  • And all those who offered to help but couldn't come!

Sadly despite the amazing amount of material recovered that was just the tip of the iceberg so watch this space for more clean-ups. Please get in touch if you want to be an #OceanHero or get involved in another #OceanRescue in Shark Bay.

Ocean Rescue Battery and Line
Ocean Rescue Group Photo
Ocean Rescue Results

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