Scenic Tours

The Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island region of Shark Bay is an untouched wilderness teeming with wildlife and stunning natural beauty. Join us on one of our scenic wildlife and snorkeling tours to see Australia's Wild West!

Scenic Shark Bay Steep Point

Marine Safaris

View Steep Point, the magnificent Zuytdorp Cliffs and explore historic Dirk Hartog Island. Snorkel in pristine World Heritage listed waters!
See dolphins, dugongs, whales (in season), sharks, rays, turtles
and more...

Humpack Whale calf in Shark Bay WA on a whale watching tour

Whale Watching

These trips are seasonal during the whale’s migration, only running between August and October. Shark Bay has calm protected waters where the humpback whales come to calf and rest on route to their feeding grounds in Antarctica.